What is Boxipal?

The easiest way to receive and send private parcels via courier

Ship your packages from home

Collect the package from the courier even if you are not at home.


Your parcel is waiting for you at your home.

Save your time and money thanks to the innovative Boxipal solution. Check out the main benefits of having a Boxipal box in the front of your house.



Don’t waste your time running around with parcels – the Boxipal Box in front of the door will save a lot of your time.

Accessibility 24/7

You don’t have to wait for a courier – your parcels come directly to you, even if you are not at home.


Each Boxipal box is equipped with a security panel. By using a special code, only you have access to your locker.


It is definitely worth sending parcels with us – we cooperate with the most popular courier services and we guarantee the best prices.


Log in to the website (or by the Boxipal App) and generate a Boxipal One-Time Access Code.

When you’re shopping online, give the seller a One-Time Access Code for the courier. The courier will open your Boxipal Box with this code and place the package in it.

After returning home, you will open Boxipal with your Master Code – Your parcels will waiting for you there.



Enter the recipient’s details and parcel’s parameters. Choose the most convenient courier offer, and then make a secure payment online or use money box in the Boxipal App.


After making the payment, we will generate a consignment note for you. You will be able to find it in your Boxipal App. Print it and stick it on your package.


Use Master Code, insert the parcel and close the Boxipal Box. Your parcel will be picked up by the courier and you will be able to track it on your profile.

Boxipal Together

If you do not send / receive too many packages, you can buy and use Boxipal with your neighbors, friends or family. Mention to others about this solution, they will be grateful for it.

Wspomnij innym o tym rozwiązaniu, będą Ci za to wdzięczni.


Boxipal Standard

83 £
  • free delivery
  • a one-off cost
  • no contracts
  • offer of the largest couriers companies
  • offer a chance for participants to win free shipments

Abonament Boxipal

8 £ Monthly
  • online contract without leaving your home
  • free delivery
  • 24 free shipments per year
  • short contract 12
  • low costs
  • offer of the largest couriers companies

You can generate codes after registration of Boxipal Box and registration/login to your account at boxipal.pl

  • Master Code – is your unique code that is used to open Boxipal Box. You should never share your Master Code with any unauthorised person. If you use Boxipal with your neighbors, all users will have their own unique Master Codes.
  • One-Time Access Code – once you’re finishing online shopping, simply generate one-time access code in Boxipal App and give it to the seller. It is necessary to include one-time code on the consignment note, thanks to which courier will be able to open Boxipal Box and put the parcel in it.
  • Backup Code – when there is no One-Time Access Code on the consignment note, you can easily get Backup Code over to courier and be able to open Boxipal.

The Boxipal set contains a key for emergency opening of Boxipal Box.

In the set you will also find a step-by-step instruction and all the necessary elements which is needed for assembly.

When the courier calls, get Backup Code over to him.

BoxiPal is designed to accommodate 3 medium-sized packages. If you do a lot of shopping online, we recommend BoxiPal XL or MAXI.

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